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Make your live more environmentally friendly


Who we are

We are a small family who just wanted to live a little more sustainable. Unfortunately, we didn't know how. So we informed ourselves and got some suggestions from various experts. We found that we are not the only ones and this is how the idea about this app started: Small, big, easy and powerful steps towards a more environmental sustainable life. Our goal is to help you to make everything a little better in the future - for the benefit of our environment and thus for the benefit of all of us.


The logo

The logo comes from a young woman (13 years old). It showes the earth wich needs to be protected and the olive branch from the biblical story of Noah's Ark.


The currency: Eco

Depending on the circumstances, 1 Eco roughly corresponds to a saving of 100g CO2. For one-off tasks, the information relates to an annual saving.


Donations and sponsorship

We always want to get better and reach out for as many people as possible. Besides improving the information given in here and in the app, the next big goal is a version for iPhone users. You can help in three ways:


1. You can contribute to our idea? Then than please send an email: EcoChamp(at)gmx.de.


2. You can simply donate to: (PayPal: EcoChamp(at)gmx.de)


3. You would like to become a sponsor and be mentioned on our website: email to EcoChamp(at)gmx.de. Please understand that we only accept sponsors who act in accordance with our goals.


Best regards,